The Studio

Duntech Sovereign 2001
• Cello Duet amps

• Custom Manley mastering console
• Custom Muth Audio Designs monitor controller

EQ / Compression / Limiting
• Vintage Sontec 8 band EQ
• Avalon Mastering EQ
• Manley Massive Passive Mastering EQ
• Weiss EQ1 Mk ii Digital EQ
• Manley Vari-Mu Mastering Comp
• Manley Slam Mastering Comp
• Crane Song Compressor / Peak Limiter
• Maselec Peak Limiter Deesser
• Waves L2 Hardware Limiter
• Weiss DS1 Limiter Deesser

Audio Workstations
• Pyramix

• Sonic Solutions
• ProTools HD
• Wavelab

• Prism D/A  and A/D
• Custom Muth Audio Designs D/A

• Ampex  ATR-102 2 track

• Neuman VMS-80

Vinyl Mastering and Cutting

Masterdisk is fortunate to have one of the finest vinyl cutting lathes ever built, and it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of that for your vinyl cutting project.  If you know you’ll be releasing both a digital and vinyl version of your project we can work together to create two different final masters, one for digital release and one specifically for vinyl that has more headroom and less  compression.  It will really help make the vinyl sound great.  The opportunity to easily and seamlessly go straight  to vinyl cutting after mastering is a huge time and money saver for your project,on top of that it’s the best way to get great sounding vinyl.

A true win-win!

For more information, check out Masterdisk’s vinyl page.