Mad Tea Party and The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn

Thanks for stopping by my site. It’s been up for a while, but I’ve only just been able to set aside the time it’ll take to fill it out! It’s a work in progress — there will be some changes over the next few weeks to the site’s functions and structure. I’ll also be blogging weekly about what I’m doing — and I hope you’ll come back and see what I’m up to, or drop a line. I’ve also jumped on to Twitter, so if you’re there too — please say hello.

Here’s what’s been going on lately.

Mad Tea Party sent me their new single for mastering. They’re a great punk/rockabilly band based in North Carolina. The new single “BatRatSpiderCrab,” which will be out this spring, is a continuation of the great work they put out on their last EP, Rock and Roll Ghoul which I also mastered for them. We did 7″ vinyl on that one — and it sounds great. You can hear their stuff or order the vinyl at their bandcamp page, here.

Another recent project I loved working on was the new album Permanent Magic by the “early jazz, swing, and blues band” The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn. Considering the splash that Mumford & Sons made at the Grammys, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a good year for swinging, passionate, back-to-basics music, and a good year for the Blue Vipers. Here’s what Jazz Times said about Permanent Magic: “…the Blue Vipers are able to resurrect the sounds of the past and make them feel so alive without any contemporary touches. For purists of Dixieland jazz, the Blue Vipers are a true wonder.” (The full review is here.) If you want to hear their stuff, head over to their page at CD Baby. And you can keep track of what they’re up to at their blog: http://thebluevipers.wordpress.com/”.

That about does it for now! Thanks for reading; see you soon.


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