Halogen Hills, Capelin and Keith Eddie Lyle

Mastering records is such a great job — I’m sometimes amazed at the variety of music that comes across my desk. Case in point: three of this week’s projects.

Anthemic, super-catchy, stadium-sized rock? Check! I mastered the Halogen Hills single “Stars” (produced by Josh Seawell) this week. They’re on the North Carolina label Nascent Republic Records. Great sound on this one. I’m hoping to hear more from them in the future.

I’m also working on an album for a band from Taiwan called Capelin, who play a hypnotic kind of instrumental post rock. Very cool. The record is (of course) not out yet, but here’s a YouTube video from a couple years ago that has many of the musical qualities of their new album:

Now let’s take a 180 degree turn to a new album I mastered for Long Island artist Keith Eddie Lyle. This is a really cool record in an Americana/country/roots-rock style featuring some fine guitar picking, piano and pedal steel work in addition to some great songs and lyrics. The challenge with this record was that there’s so much variety on it even though it’s generally all “Americana.” There are Stonesy rockers, straight country tunes and everything in between.

Keith Eddie Lyle

When you’re mastering a record that has a lot of variety like this one, you have to pick a place to start. Keith recorded and mixed the record himself, and told me which mix he felt was the best on the record — so we started there. And then the record was built around the sound of that one song.

Incidentally, Keith came to me for mastering through a friend of mine who’s in the punk rock-hockey band (no better way to put it!) Two Man Advantage. You have to hear and see them to understand.

See you next week.


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