Hello and welcome to Jeff Reeves Mastering. I’m a mastering engineer and multi-instrumentalist in the New York City area. I started out as a performer, adding composing and arranging along the way, but I eventually fell in love with audio engineering.

Mastering was a natural progression — the “big picture” view required to be a good mastering engineer was already built into my experience through composing and arranging, as well as a lot of time on the bandstand balancing my saxophone and guitar into a group sound.

I’m based out of the world famous Masterdisk studios on 45th Street in NYC — I use the same studios and gear the big-label clients use — but for a fraction of the price. Contact me at jeff@masterdisk.com with any questions, or, if you’d like to hear a free sample of your music mastered by me, then take a look over to the right and send me your stuff via the “Send It” button there. I’m sure you’ll be happy with what you hear.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing about your projects.